Creative design and copy coupled with extensive research capability provides publishers with the optimum marketing resource - putting their titles in front of the right audiences at the right frequency to maximise results.


Close support for a comprehensive network of agents from our in-house regional managers means retail, wholesale and online booksellers have the best access to title information and incentives to sell our partners' publishing.


Fully integrated distribution services ensure customers receive their deliveries accurately, quickly and safely. Our service is global with system compatibility built-in for major customers and individual jurisdictions.

Maximising your performance

Maximise your performance

Our marketing, operations, inventory control and sales teams work together to optimise performance. This happens through delivering email and print materials in high volumes, attending conferences and bookfairs, visiting and communicating with booksellers throughout the world, in short taking every opportunity to promote your publishing.

The world we serve

The world we serve

Eurospan markets, sells and distributes its publishers to every region of the world. In-house sales managers utilise a global network of agents and sales representatives and our expert subject-based marketing staff supports the sales team through a proprietary subject and territory defined contact database.

Our bookstore

Our bookstore

Eurospan’s online bookstore is the place for academics and professionals to quickly and conveniently purchase the titles we represent. More than 150,000 titles from over 200 publishers can be searched by publisher, title, subject, ISBN, keyword or publication date, and then ordered securely with worldwide delivery.

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