Our Story

Eurospan was launched in the mid-1960s to provide a marketing and distribution capability for a group of medium-sized US academic, scholarly and textbook publishers. In more than sixty years of trading, Eurospan has successfully adapted to the changing needs and priorities of both its market and its client publishers and is now the premier independent sales, marketing and distribution agency across the global market.

Geographically Eurospan operates in the UK; Continental Europe; Middle East & North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; Asia; Oceania; Latin America; and North America. To accommodate and deliver specialised services, publishers are grouped divisions – Academic & Professional; Education; Intergovernmental Organizations; Medicine & Health; Science & Technology; and University Presses.

Eurospan’s structure enables us to provide the highest quality marketing services with the maximum reach. The increasingly globalised supply-chain is managed by the seamless integration of sales management and agency networks with the marketing service. This model enables the provision of highly targeted and specific services for both customers and publishers, while simultaneously benefiting from the scale and reach Eurospan provides. Having a fully integrated distribution service ensures that customers receive their deliveries accurately, quickly and safely. Our service is global with systems compatibility built-in for major customers and individual jurisdictions.

In May 2020, Eurospan became part of United Independent Distributors (UID). UID also includes Marston Book Services and Orca Book Services, and was set up to provide flexible services for both publishers and agencies working on behalf of publishers.

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