“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Eurospan for more than twenty-five years, while employed at five different university presses. Their tireless efforts and professional demeanor have helped expand the reach of US-based publishers beyond what we could accomplish ourselves. From preparing flyers for overseas conferences to providing UK-based author support, to coordinating display and attendance efforts at the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs, they aid us immensely in being global publishers. We have benefited greatly from their partnership; Eurospan’s work is unparalleled.”
- Dennis Lloyd, Director, University of Wisconsin Press

Eurospan is proud to represent over 50 leading University Presses from across the globe. With titles ranging from the scholarly to the trade-orientated, each book is an important reminder of the positive work the University Press community carries out to advance knowledge, promote academic excellence and advocate for scholarly publishing.


Our marketing campaigns are dictated by the titles and subject areas we represent, and deployed through both print and digital formats to ensure a wide and timely reach. Social media, conference attendance and advertising is used to enhance publisher branding, and an understanding of the importance of author care means our services extend beyond the press and to the author.


With a worldwide network of sales managers, representatives, agents and partners, Eurospan works directly with key contacts in the book trade to maximise exposure for titles.

Our sales team is in regular contact with wholesalers, library suppliers, online booksellers, university bookshops and specialist bookshops across a range of subjects. Regular store visits to highlight key titles from Eurospan’s publishers are complemented by tailored data feeds and mailings.


Eurospan’s wide distribution reach allows customers across the world to buy books locally. This increases stock availability and reduces delivery costs for our customers, and minimises administrative work and risk for our publishers.

With warehouses in the UK, Australia, and the U.S., as well as established relationships with print-on-demand suppliers, Eurospan responds quickly to customer demand and works with your production schedule.

Our family of university presses

  • Baylor University Press
  • Catholic University of America Press, The
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, The
  • City University of Hong Kong Press
  • Kent State University Press, The
  • LSU Press
  • Marquette University Press
  • Melbourne University Publishing
  • Mercer University Press
  • Michigan State University Press
  • Naval Institute Press
  • NewSouth Publishing
  • NIAS Press
  • Northwestern University Press
  • NUS Press
  • Purdue University Press
  • Southern Illinois University Press
  • Sunway University Press
  • Syracuse University Press
  • Texas A&M University Press
  • Texas Tech University Press
  • UNISA Press
  • University of Alabama Press, The
  • University of Arizona Press, The
  • University of Arkansas Press, The
  • University of Calgary Press
  • University Press of Florida
  • University of Georgia Press
  • University of Hawai’i Press
  • University of Iowa Press
  • University Press of Kansas
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal Press
  • University of Manitoba Press
  • University of Massachusetts Press
  • University of Michigan Press
  • University Press of Mississippi
  • University of Missouri Press
  • University of Nevada Press
  • University of New Mexico Press
  • University of North Carolina Press, The
  • University of Oklahoma Press
  • University of South Carolina Press, The
  • University of Tennessee Press, The
  • University of Utah Press, The
  • University of Virginia Press
  • University of the West Indies Press, The
  • University of Wisconsin Press
  • Vanderbilt University Press
  • Wayne State University Press
  • West Virginia University Press
  • Wilfrid Laurier University Press
  • WSU Press